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Dear TPS,
Just a quick thank you for all that you have done for my fur kids over the past few years. 4 of our dogs have stayed out there and they LOVE it. We even have a little guy with special needs who gets the individual attention that he requires (I feel so relieved that he has a veterinary technician watching over him night and day.) The pups always come back tired, happy, and very well fed. They even get baths before they come home!! I sometimes think that they prefer you guys over us. What I also love about your service is that you always send us photos so that we know that our kids are happy and healthy. The pick up and drop off service is very helpful too, but having been out to visit 'the farm', I think that I would enjoy a vacation out there myself . To sum up this thank you...I have to say, I enjoy my vacations more knowing that my dogs are in the care of Tribeca Pet Services.
Thanks again!
Alex (Dr.Alexandra Koprowski, NYC Veterinarian)



Dear Diane and Matt,
Thank you so much for taking care of our dogs while we were away in June! While I work at the West Village practice, this was my first experience boarding with you guys and it was so great I look forward to using you guys in the future whenever we are going out of town. I am always a little nervous boarding my dog Aloha but with TPS I had peace of mind while I was away. Aloha has a history of epilesy so boarding her with trained staff that can effectively give medication is a must. I also love knowing that IF anything should happen she is with a trained technician with direct access to her medical files at DVM Hospitals. Thankfully she had an uneventful country vacation : ) The facilities are amazing and the convenience was beyond compare. Aloha often comes to work with me,at West Village Vet Hospital so Matt was able to pick her up after his rounds in the city saving us the trip out to NJ. My parents live in NJ and Mo Chuisle was picked up and dropped off right on their doorstep - they loved it! I have seen many beautiful pictures from the website - but it was so cool to get pictures midweek of the dogs playing in the fields. They were having such a good time! Aloha had her baby pool and Mo Chuisle had lots of room to run off her energy! Aloha was tired and content we she was returned to us Sunday night.
Thank you again,
Lucy, Jeff, and Aloha (Dr. Lucy Obyrne, NYC Veterinarian)



We have been nothing but happy with Tribeca pet services. They are always reliable, responsive and extremely flexible which makes our lives so much easier. We had been using other dog walking services in NYC with terrible experiences. Walkers not showing. Showing up late. Poking around our apartment. Lying about the duration of walks. That was the big thing...the lying. These services were coming into your home. You were trusting them. And so many of them barely knew anything about the people they used. Most of them just didn't care about you, your pets or their jobs. We crossed paths with Tribeca Pet Services having gone to Tribeca Vet with a pet emergency. We were already looking again for another walker after we discovered our walker wasn't even walking our dogs anymore...yet they told us they were and we were being charged for the walks. So at the vet I grabbed a card for Tribeca Pet Services on a recommendation. From the beginning we were met with nothing but the most professional courteousness. People you could trust who cared about your pets, your schedule and your home. I really can't say enough to illustrate what the difference is between Tribeca and the other services we had tried. We use them for everything and are completely happy. We feel fortunate to have a relationship with them. Highly recommend.
Charlie Wilkinson



Dear Diane and Matt,
Thank you for taking such a good care of Kirby and Zoe! It looks like they had a blast, going to the beach and everything! I was concerned about Kirby because of his liver cancer, but he came back all happy and refreshed. I knew that he was in good hands. We loved the pictures that you sent us - nice to know that they were having a good time when we were having a good time on our vacation! We didn't feel guilty leaving them! We would like to board them with you for the next vacation for sure!
Thanks so much again!!
Kyoko & Chris (Dr. Kyoko Yoshida, NYC Veterinarian)



I entrusted my dog Marley to the staff at TriBeCa Pet Services and found them to be kind, courteous and responsible. They cover a wide range of services and are invaluable to any dog owner.
Edie Falco

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